Do Revenge

Do Revenge ★★★½

One of the genres Netflix has become known for is their high school teen dramas, they're pretty much a dime a dozen because Netflix cranks out so many of them each year, and I have not been a fan of some of the previous films they've done, but this one was actually a big pleasant surprise for me. It takes a pretty typical formula of having a spoiled rich character befriend a less wealthy, more down to earth character, but the way it does this by having the characters enact double revenge is able to make this fairly familiar formula feel different. The two lead actresses have a lot of great chemistry with one another that make them an entertaining duo in the film, and the standout is Maya Hawke who plays her character with so much charisma and fun. The movie also has a lot of style with the editing and some really energetic storytelling which just makes it a lot of fun to watch. The story here is much more fleshed out than usual in these types of movies. The characters have layered emotions and motives and towards the end we get a handful of double crosses and twists, it really feels like they put effort into the story much more so than you usually get in this type of film and it allows you to care about the characters more than you usually would in films in this genre. A lot of modern movies like this include references to social media and representation that should work in theory, but the films are so focused on including these things that they come off more as forced, but because this movie puts so much effort into the story and the style, it's able to include these things without it feeling forced and because of that I actually see this being the film that people look back on in 10 or so years and look at as a classic of the genre like Mean Girls was for the 2000s. This is one I highly reccomend for fans of the genre, and even if this genre isn't quite for you, I'd still say it's worth checking out. I have not enjoyed previous Netflix teen films like He's All That, The Kissing Booth, and Tall Girl, and I went into this film expecting something along those lines, but I ended up having a blast with this film and all of it's stylistic energy.

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