The Night House

The Night House ★★★★

Rebecca Hall is everything. She's stood out in practically all she's been in since she told Borden he couldn't do a bullet catch and here she gets to throw it all out there on the screen and it's going to be a standout for her career.

Another film in the vein of The Babadook where a haunted house is a metaphor for grief and depression, which isn't a spoiler as the film does show its hand this far at least early on. Night House has the jump scares, and they don't always land but when they do it does feel like a earned scare. Its use of shadows and the Rubin's vase technique to create a world of unease where you're looking at every little darkened spot in the room waiting for it to be a face and it's used just enough to be fun and not tedious.

I think a lesser film in terms of acting and dialogue would have faltered with its length, as I know I feel this could have pulled of at a cool 100 minutes instead of the near 110. Despite the criticisms that would usually have me lowering the rating, there's still enough here to impress me. Probably wont be the best horror film of the year, but if this is the kind of quality we get for a moderate one, it's not a bad thing

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