The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 ★★★★

Slim Jim Presents: Halloween Hoop-Tober 1997.0 1/31. A Tobe Hooper Film & A 2nd Franchise Film

What is it about Bill Moseley's voice that sounds like I literally grew up with it? Like he voiced some 90s cartoon and didn't get credited so I can't find it. This ridiculous golden voice that he uses to spout endless one liners while terrorizing a Texan radio DJ with Italian horror lighting before he continues to carry around the corpse of his dead twin brother who was hit by a truck at the end of the first film.

I avoided this for so long because if I'm being honest I've avoided most horror sequels. Their track record in general hasn't been the best and all I knew before was Dennis Hopper is the star and the lead and the film is nothing like the first.

Well first off, Hopper is in like...15 minutes of this. And that's not a spoiler or anything, like he disappears for large chunks and instead we get this DJ who yells and speaks random words and talks to herself a lot and in a not funny, not entertaining, not remotely horrifying film she would be the worst but instead it's all a part of something larger.

For as much as I'd heard that this is nothing like the first, I oddly found it becoming more and more like it the deeper we get into this abandoned mine. Many sequences of the family that just linger that little bit longer to create the unease. Less cutting. Less takes. Just an absurd world that you fall into that doesn't deter into wacky lol soe randum humor which my gosh any film that tried this today would do that exact thing instead and just grate on the nerves. You still somehow feel the danger.

And what's this whole thing about Sally Hardesty suddenly having a hyphenated name? What? Did I miss that? I know these films get worse and worse from here and I'm more compelled to watch them anyway but does that get worse too? Just keeping adding bullshit names?

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