Your Name.

Your Name. ★★★★

I'm hesitant on calling this a perfect film.

The small details on the constantly changing leads is pretty amazing. Some films may have just kept the animation the exact same and had the internal monologue be different but no matter who is in Taki or Mitsuha's body we hear the same voice. It's a minor detail but it's one I greatly admired. Their movements and body resting positions change. The run's honestly something that should be studied.

I have not seen anything else by director Makoto Shinkai, so maybe this is all the norm from him and I'm being obtuse.

What is going to get your head racing about Your Name is how the story starts to unfold and the adventure your mind goes through. It's nothing I'd label a "mindfuck" but it's pretty satisfying.

Satisfying from the illogical logic of it all, and from characters that for the majority are fully realized. Taki and Mitsuha are not explained characters. Just seeing them respond to different situations and be seemingly banal quickly establish them, and help with an ending that borders between tense to just that bad kind of frustrating.

I think my main issue that doesn't let me fall for this film as hard as so many others have, is I'm not sold entirely on the love story. I wondered about there being a strong mutual friendship throughout but it becomes a straight up long distance romance very suddenly the way it's explained.

I do wonder why the idea of them meeting didn't come up like right away. Instead their predicament is taken in stride and they just text it out. Of course it would hurt so much of the story to change it, but fortunately Your Name is still a great film that lets that kind of thing not stay with you too long.

Also there's literally a J-rock montage in it. The exact one from the trailer. It got distracting and had me notice the time. Again, I'm not too inclined on the directors other work, and have plenty of anime films in general to catch up on so maybe this is more of the norm.

Your Name is still a great theatrical experience that could still easily pull something out of you. Great ideas that feel the need to get a little too easy with the romance. I'm still able to talk on it a day later so that's a good sign.

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