The Lighthouse

The Lighthouse ★★★★½

A man's descent into madness starts at his uncontrollable urge for power. Together in a confined place, surrounded by myths, chants, storms and aggressive seagulls, two lighthouse keepers establish a psychological battle that follows a bloody crescendo.

The Lighthouse is disturbing, apocalyptical, catastrophic, erotic and merciless. Two of the best actings I have ever seen - Willem Dafoe is flawless as usual; his performance so perfect that it looks mythical, more like a Goya's creature - Saturn devouring his son.

Pacing is at first slow but builds the tension and darkness required to expose the characters and construct the narrative, culminating in an unforgettable, haunting third act. Also, it gives us one of the best work of cinematography and sound edition I have ever experienced (oh the sound! so clear! so piercing! It's almost a second experience itself).

"The Lighthouse" is a man's world in nightmare form, and it's dark and turbulent as the seas of Edgar Allan Poe.

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