Suspiria ★★★★½

i was really looking forward to watch this and now i can finally say that my expectations were attended, though this whole project may be a little too complex and confusing on a first view same as the original film, which totally caught my eye.
i found very interesting that this movie was so different and yet so similar to the original, and i absolutely loved that, the attention and care on making a REMAKE. i must reforce how much i’m obsessed with the premisse of this story since it opens so many doors to many narrative possibilities. and thank god luca guadagnino knew how to handle what he had in hands.
the acting was superb, NO WORDS for tilda swinton and this must be dakota johnson’s best work to date. the camera placement and movements were impeccable and took me to the 1977 movie. i wasn’t sure about the colors in here since they weren’t so remarkable but by the end i was satisfied. 
i wanna say how much it didn’t seem this was a 150-minute piece, this whole experience felt like a hypnosis. 
i wanna say so many things but i don’t know how, i need time to process.
just THANK YOUto everyone involved