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  • The Invisible Guest

    The Invisible Guest


    Annoying Review #3: The Invisible Guest (2016)
    Not in a million years would I think I would love a movie like this. It's very engaging and exciting, and while I thought the music was sometimes a little overbearing and the editing was a little sloppy, I loved the thrill of it. By the end my jaw was on the floor. It managed to be unpredictable and told in a way that it grabbed my attention and didn't let go. It's dramatic, tastefully filmed and directed. The ending is my favorite part and I can't wait to see it again.

  • The Killing

    The Killing


    Annoying Review #2: The Killing (1956)
    At times repetitive, and at times dragged down by unnecessary and redundant narration, and yet short, sweet and to the point. I thought every actor did a fantastic job. I especially love the lighting and the cinematography, the way that the film guides you through the scenes in a non-linear fashion. A very classic hollywoody-vibey suspenseful film noir with stunning black and white photography and dramatic acting. Some music was a little cheesy, as…

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  • The Forbidden Room

    The Forbidden Room


    Embarrassing, cringey, tryhard, contrived, repetitive and ugly. I was snacking on potato chips while watching, I almost choked on one and thought about not fighting it.