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  • Assassination Nation

    Assassination Nation


    some Tumblr kid with 'intersectional feminist' in their bio and a flower crown edit of Hannibal as their phone background: [watches Only God Forgives and all four Purge movies after getting a rude reblog on one of their posts from a guy with a Kekistan flag pfp] [makes this]

  • Boat Madness

    Boat Madness


    after over 3 years since my introduction to Boat Madness 1: The Diagnosis, i finally decided to sit down and watch not only the full 160 min series on Youtube but the edited movie-length version listed here, and god what a ride it's been. a time-old story of man's struggle between facing reality and basking in delusion, David Rhoades' descent into the titular 'boat madness' is a fever dream of eye-searing editing, bizarre characters and pure absurdity. it's clearly a…

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  • Taps



    "they want us to be good little boys now so we can fight some war for them in the future, some war they'll decide on. we'd rather fight our own war right now."

    "that's what you are. a death lover."

    "it's beautiful, man!"

  • She Hate Me

    She Hate Me


    this doesn't deserve a review

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  • Incel



    can we end this 'incels are just spergs who need a friend' meme? also imagine making a movie about incels where the focus is the extremely minute possibility that they may become mass shooters (yeah, I've heard of Elliot Rodgers! we've all heard of Elliot Rodgers! you're doing an Elliot Rodgers thing in your movie? spooky! edgy! gripping!), rather than the very real and very widespread misogyny, sexual perversion, and pedophilia inherent to these communities. great job getting basically no…

  • Marriage Story

    Marriage Story


    the only reasons people seem to be giving this 4.5s and 5s:

    - their parents went through a divorce or they had a messy breakup and it's #relatable
    - they had low expectations for a Noah Baumbach movie and were pleasantly surprised he exceeded them
    - they were impressed by Scarlett Johansson being not terrible this time
    - they're horny for Adam Driver

    none of you will remember this movie in 3 months

    edit: it's been less than 3 months and this is no longer on the Letterboxd Top 250. @ all my haters get rekt