Halloween Kills

Halloween Kills ★★½

Gordon Green’s Halloween (2018) had maintained many of the things I loved about the original-while adding some humorous moments- and left me with high hopes for this sequel. However, my expectations were quickly crushed by a cringe-worthy flashback to that original fateful night. 

The script is rudimentary and seems like it was written for daytime television. This resulted in some laughs that came at the expense of the story. Although Halloween Kills touts some absolutely brutal murder scenes, it becomes a muddled and somewhat confusing political message about mob mentality and division. 

The character development felt haphazard. I was thoroughly disappointed at the lack of involvement from Queen Jamie Lee. I had also mistakenly expected more leadership from the returning characters, who became mere empty horror movie stereotypes. Apart from his iconic head tilt, Michael himself even felt different. 

Between the sadistic slayings, shoddy writing, annoying characters and a mismatched tone, Halloween Kills provides a much darker journey than any other film in the franchise- one that I frankly didn’t enjoy. Despite my disappointment, this still had some scary moments and I would recommend that everyone see this to form their own opinion (as my expectations were unreasonably high)!

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