Little Women ★★★★★

I told my brother after we finished watching that this film was the warmest blanket ever. So nice.

Greta Gerwig just knows how to film a story! Easily my favorite part of this film is how it's presented. That screen play is to die for! And the editing is just as terrific! This was the first time I experienced Little Women in any capacity and I must say, I couldn't imagine it getting any better than this! Every character is so wonderfully realized, the world, sets, costumes, everything sucks you right in, and all the performances are extremely stellar! I want to specifically shout out Florence Pugh here though. She was truly incredible (in this and Midsommar!) This film hit me much harder than I was anticipating and I already look forward to revisiting it! This better win more awards than just costumes and whatever.

Also now I fully agree, Best Director snub for sure.

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