King Kong

King Kong ★★★★★

Let me tell you that cats really enjoy watching stop motion animation. My cats were absolutely riveted by Kong and all of the creatures on screen. Must be something with the frame rate of stop motion, easier on their eyes or something, because they did the same thing with Isle of Dogs. It's really amusing. And the stop motion is legitimately incredible! It looks so good, it's reasonably convincing. Had to look so terrifying in 1933! It's cool that they were making movies about making movies even in 1933!

"Listen, I'm gonna go out and make the greatest picture in the world. Something no one's ever seen or heard of. Have to think of a lot of new adjectives when I get back."

Great quote about movie making! I love all the old film equipment they used. A sense of dread is layered in as soon as the ship takes off. We know what they're in for, but they don't. Spielberg tapped that feeling for the first Jurassic Park. It's just wonderful, and it builds with seemingly throwaway lines and the wonderful set design. Of course this set was used on The Most Dangerous Game which was sort of a dry run of King Kong anyway, same crew and a good amount of the cast. Kong builds on what that movie started. Great examples of effective movie making in the early thirties. 

"What's he think she's really gonna see?"

Just a rousing great adventure piece from start to finish. I know this is trite and I don't want to sound like a fucking Boomer, but they don't make adventure pictures like these anymore and they absolutely should

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