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  • Being John Malkovich

    Being John Malkovich


    It's kind of easy to see how it became a cult classic. I'm 100% into this type of unapologeticly absurdist cinema, and only wish it were more profitable, so as to encourage more.

    The only I don't like is it's kind of 'grungy' cramped vibe I guess?

  • The Soloist

    The Soloist


    I don't understand the hate this gets at all??? It's amazingly well directed, written and acted. It never feels forced, even though these rolls could have easily been overacted. The story is a slow burn, stream of consciousness, that still progresses, I think, to a satisfying point, without trying to neccerily push you to any idological end, and I think that's why people don't like it.

    My favorite thing about the film is how visually engrossing it is, overall just amazing cinematography, and music of course.

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  • Uncut Gems

    Uncut Gems


    Very Baroque, like if Versace and J.S. Bach made a movie about a degenerate gambler.

    Dense, layered, tense, overstimulating, polyphonic, dizzying, all in the best possible way.

    The only thing that holds this movie back is the ending, which completely pulled me out of the movie and made me not care at all about anything I had just watched.