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  • Cailleach


    “I have always liked sheep, I like seeing them around. I don’t feel lonely, they keep me active and it’s an interest, I like to have an interest, I think people need to have an interest in something...Otherwise you vegetate”

    There’s something therapeutic about this film, it’s calming and heart-warming.

  • A Brief History of Time

    A Brief History of Time

    Inspirational and beautifully made.

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  • Twenty-Four Eyes

    Twenty-Four Eyes


    “Above the castle ruins
    The moon rises at midnight 
    Its light remains unchanged 
    For whom does it shine now?”

    As a teacher-in-the-making, this film was not only gentle and warm, but inspiring as well. I was drown in with every scene and the time flow was handled beautifully, even though it’s 156 minuets long.

  • Millennium Actress

    Millennium Actress