Tis Mis

I like to joke, but please take me seriously

Favorite films

  • Frances Ha
  • The Future
  • True Romance
  • Memories of Matsuko

Recent activity

  • Only God Forgives


  • Rushmore


  • Isle of Dogs


  • Beyond Utopia


Recent reviews

  • Only God Forgives

    Only God Forgives


    Oddly I somehow enjoyed it a lot...

  • Beyond Utopia

    Beyond Utopia


    The film is a waste of such good access and story, which makes me extremely uncomfortable. It is in some ways, compared to North Korean propaganda, an American counter propaganda. The moment when the American director asked the old lady how she thinks of Kim Jing Un, I felt so bad for the grandma. And then she had to say how she felt about Americans. Too obvious and too shallow. One situation happened when the pastor asked them to pray…

Popular reviews

  • Easter Eggs

    Easter Eggs

    I was quite excited to see this film, but I felt really uncomfortable when it reached to the plot that the Chinese restaurant owner was arrested because of a dog or cat in his fridge. How should I put it? The film was in many festivals and received a lot of awards, and this cliche still plays smoothly. Perhaps the prejudice would never disappear if we still subtly accept many racists cliches. To be honest. The film also did not gave me a good reason to forget about this until the end.

  • The Batman

    The Batman


    A guy literally stood up 20 mins into the film and shout out Batman sucks and stormed out. 
    Will never trust Letterbox ratings any more. About the worst expensive film I’ve ever seen.