Castle in the Sky ★★★

No matter how many times I watch this, my feelings remain unchanged on this one. It’s never been my favorite Miyazaki movie, but there’s still a good amount to enjoy. It feels like there’s quite a few exposition dumps but it also builds up this world well. All the hype leading to Laputa makes the point when the characters finally reach it so much better. Although, before that point, the story hits some drags where I’m just not invested enough to care in some scenes. The entire part where Sheeta and Pazu are more or less hanging out on the pirate’s ship is always a sure spot to lose my attention. The characters in general, main or side, aren’t ones that I particularly love, especially when compared to Miyazaki’s other work. What does stand out is the wonderful score and any scene with the robots. Not only do I love the design of them, but they just so happen to be in some of the most exciting portions of the movie. The look of them is simple, yet elegant, which is why I’ve always thought of them as the most iconic representation of the movie.

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