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  • Dying at a Hospital

    Dying at a Hospital

    I was dying but he saved me for the 2000th time.

  • Wavelength


    through the walls of the castle
    between the fingers
    of a princess
    the season of love
    last spring
    don't look away
    talk to me
    yours truly
    a skinny sadness

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  • Red Desert

    Red Desert


    I live in a remote area because of my job. An area that has nothing except for a huge factory and some small rooms for the employees. They call it a complex, I call it a cemetery.

    Every time I go into my room I feel the emptiness she feels. The small bed right beside the small couch and near the dirty window there is a four-legged green chair but one of the legs is broken so I don't use…

  • Maborosi



    What about the emptiness you left for me? Why didn't you take your absence with you?

    You grabbed my hand and I looked at you, you were there, fighting the tears. I looked away and you left, you weren't there, I cried. I woke up into an endless road surrounded by trees. I was scared but you weren't there. I yelled but you weren't there. I woke up again and here I am, looking out of the window to the…