Red Desert ★★★★★

I live in a remote area because of my job. An area that has nothing except for a huge factory and some small rooms for the employees. They call it a complex, I call it a cemetery.

Every time I go into my room I feel the emptiness she feels. The small bed right beside the small couch and near the dirty window there is a four-legged green chair but one of the legs is broken so I don't use it anymore and that's why he seems lonely. The four white walls, I call them the walls of desires, they call me the man who's afraid of himself, the man who created such a lonely atmosphere then he died because of it. On one of these walls there is a mirror, a mirror that has only one reflection, a reflection of a man with no face.

The days here are very much the same, like two walls of mirrors facing each other, and I'm right there. I look around to all these copies of me and they seem more real than me. Down here, The whispers are more louder than the shouts, because the whispers can sneak out the four white walls and reach the air outside to fade away, but the shouts can't do that, the walls sense them so they keep them lock down and send them back to the mouth who shot them.

That's sounds very boring, right? But, It's real. This is life.

Antonioni's Red Desert seems very much like my daily life, It's has absolutely nothing, but in the same time it's very interesting.

Giuliana's fears seem unbearable to me, but the way she carries herself around is extremely interesting. The way she moves, the way she talks, the way she eats, the way she reacts toward her fears and the way she handles them. She cares about the whole world like if it was her own child. Her sadness is utterly beautiful. I've never experienced such sadness that has an impact not only on people but also on places. Giuliana and I have something in common : We fear the loneliness we created for ourselves.

After all that poor-grammerically so called review, I want to apologies to Giuliana. Giuliana, I overcome my fears. I fall in love with a girl. She saved my life. Sorry Giuliana I'm so sorry, I feel like I've betrayed you, but god damn it Giuliana, she's more beautiful than your sadness.

I love Antonioni's movies because of the nothingness he films.