The Village

The Village ★★★★★

in the retreat to a better place (harsh worlds of romanticized colonialism (literally approached to as the only place left to go free from capitalist excess, a return to previous hegemony over ideas, land, dreams- puritanical ambitions,)) the white settler still always, even subconsciously views the disabled subject as deserving of pity- Lucius, well adjusted (relatively), still needing of aids and social skills, viewed as unable to do much even if a model citizen, Ivy- Blind, still able to do much, seen as unable, by most who do not know her, and Noah- whose condition is contrary to the organization of either the village or civilization at large, he is shut away, played with, and shut away again, the existence of the disabled is a thorn in the side of supremacists, the imperfect contrary to the glorious white man, which is, sadly, what Noah seems to want, to be of the elders in the suits, a doomed world, doomed to implode by its own contradictions and lies with or without ivy even if she is the spark who sees good in the ending of fantasy, the white supremacist will never have his haven

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