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  • The Double Life of Véronique

    The Double Life of Véronique


    melancholia, our follower, seeping in our bones. we struggle, thrash and scream, but it's deep inside our homes. our ribcage, heart and stones. the quarter life bemoans. we die and wake and die again, it won't leave us alone. he won't leave us alone, a prison and the page. brass bars chime in glass heart time, a bird inside cage. entrapped in amber mage; magic, burning sage. sepia strangling, threaded, tangling; vingetted golden age. wrapped up in our names. entrenched…

  • Call Me by Your Name

    Call Me by Your Name


    you say it without saying it; reading between the lines. smoking cigarettes, in open air, we're dying on the vines. our existence intertwines. we were meant to meet after all. you build me up and cut me down, am i nothing? one inch tall? there's magic in the fall, but it's deadly, and this you know. i plant the seed and watch the pot, i wait for it to grow. there's fracture in the flow, you interrupt my life. you…

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  • Amores Perros

    Amores Perros


    // "but in fact i'm a living ghost" //
    // "i wanted to fix the world so i could share it with you later" //
    // "i was dying, i was as dead as could be" //
    // because we are also what we have lost //

    recommended by: liz 
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    karma. intersection. retribution. loss. greed. rejection. consequences. amores perros explores so many themes in such a critical, captivating and introspective way. this film does what…

  • Vive L'Amour

    Vive L'Amour


    translating to "long live love", vive l'amour has been high on my watchlist ever since i read about its prominence to the taiwanese second new wave film movement. this film movement is in my top 5 that i'm most interested in seeing more of, so i thought i had to watch such a notable work. this film is not unlike other slower paced movies that i've seen -- such as 3-iron, vagabond, chungking express or, by the same director, goodbye,…

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  • Portrait of a Lady on Fire

    Portrait of a Lady on Fire


    // "being free is being alone?" //
    // "in solitude, i felt the liberty you spoke of" //
    // "not everything is fleeting. some feelings are deep" //
    // "if you look at me, who do i look at?" //
    // "do all lovers feel like they're inventing something?" //

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    (top favorite…

  • Booksmart


    chain reaction challenge // (4/100)

    recommended by: libby
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    growing pains challenge // (2/65)

    task 52 - watch a film that is about graduating or moving to college

    i'm so sorry but i did not vibe with this movie at all. it was insufferable, nothing clicked for me in this whatsoever. i actually can't fathom why this is so praised or popular. everyone is a caricature of a stereotype, the script and dialogue is horrendous, i…