American Honey

American Honey ★★★★½

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i'm not really sure what to say about this film.. i liked it, i thought it was really beautiful, but i was a bit disconnected from it the entire time. however, i do still think it was really gorgeous. it's growing on me even as we speak, and i've wanted to see it for a long time now, so i'm really glad i finally had a reason to take the plunge! i don't know if i can speak critically about this film; sometimes poetry is the only way i can effectively say what i want to say. so here's my interpretation <3

fireflies and
sunset eyes
it took too long
to realize
that loving you was
her demise
amber sweet,
it petrifies 

flower petals
and golden air
whispered secrets
inside a prayer
asking not to
leave her there
dirt packed roads
of anywhere

bumblebees and
pooling thoughts
tangled mind like 
tying knots
burning, scorching
flames of hot
camera filled with
sun-flared shots

sparkling meadows 
and grassy love
sky bleeds indigo
from up above
darkened hallways,
push and shove
sweetened melodies,
morning dove

glassy jars and
pots of honey
fields of sepia
greens of money
rainbow nectar
rays of sunny
nighttime moons
dark and bloody

soakened flasks of 
vivid veins of 
glitter eyes of
flicker infernos of

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