Paris, Texas

Paris, Texas ★★★★

(part of my films i've written poetry for list)

i've still been thinking about this film quite a lot, it's been lingering in my mind and it won't go away. i think this film is one that you have to let settle and digest in order to fully appreciate. and while i still stand by my original review, i think i might've been too hasty with my score. so i've bumped my rating up a full star, and i've also written a poem about it (in a slightly different type of style than i usually write). i can still see this whole film in my mind. see it through my eyes for a moment, if you'd like <3

i set you on fire,
you ran into my burning arms.
a funeral pyre,
last breaths from our dying lungs.
the desert melts away so fast,
searing and unforgiving.
a spell of vacancy has been cast,
in the land of the dead and living.

skeleton bones and tumbleweeds,
poetic as they lay.
i had a hunger only you could feed,
i just wanted you to stay.
i'm a girl inside a lighted room,
i only talk to you through glass.
what's real, what's fake, what's true, who are you?
peeling back your regret like a mask.

neon fluorescence and birds that scream,
you've grown up in the strangest way.
empty words and bottled dreams,
does a father sin or pray?
i never knew how to be yours,
and you didn't know you were mine.
a telephone distorts your words,
i'm begging you - don't hang up the line.

a room of beginnings and a room that ends,
both alike in uncontented harmony.
you faded away through a battered lens,
cracked and lost at sea.
we called out your name but you weren't there,
you left us once again.
we had a lot of pain to bear,
apologies don't always make amends.

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