The Lighthouse

The Lighthouse ★★★★★

august scavenger hunt #77 // (8/31)

task 14 - watch a movie that was nominated for an oscar ONLY in a technical category (dylan's pick)

rose petal bloom, how did it die so soon? falling in a pool of poison, midnight blue harpoon. hits you in the gut, no ifs ands or buts. strangled in a web of lonely, hearts in a rut. house full of light, tall against the fog. mermaids cough up glitter, dying in the smog. haunted sea scraped jetty brine, rotten like a log. minds awash with cistern slosh, screeching in the bog. ocean shanty, bottle janty, mottled sea glass for a hog. eat your slop you filthy chop, axe breaking boards of cog. the tops of towers, lighthouse powers, hands in the fire of the bay. sparkling glass atop sailor's masts, nightmares in the sun of day. bloated tentacles and spider eyeholes, there's nothing left to say. seagulls fury, boats of scurry, this is a deadly game we play.

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