Your Name.

Your Name. ★★★★★

"but i'm sure he met someone, and that someone changed him."

"wherever you are in the world, i'll search for you."

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this film... THIS FILM! beautiful, gorgeous, masterpiece, all of the above. what we have here is some top tier anime, folks. this is one of the most incredible things i've ever seen, for so many reasons. it had such gorgeous animation, and the color palette was so pretty as well. it had a unique and magical storyline, i was interested in every second that was happening. and finally, it was an emotional rollercoaster (and it *did* wreck me confirmed). the back and forth of the events that occur was like getting whiplash, but i loved it. and the ending? please 😭 truly a magical experience that i will never forget. oh, poem? 👀

ocean waves gorge on air
fill their lungs with deep despair
you eclipse what isn't there
ghosts and heartstrings, tethered pair.

tropical sunshine comet beams
ethereal mystical comet dreams;
asteroid skies
burn in vacant highs.
i don't remember why
i cry tears from your eyes.
sparkle rainbow hue sunrise,
the lyrics of your soul
are my reprise.
if you forget me
that would be my demise.
your heart is my treasure chest,
you are my prize.

mirror shards of broken glass
i loved your future,
you loved my past.
ballerinas dance on 
shipwrecked masts.
you found me crying in
a hill of grass.

firestorms and whispered love
shooting stars split high above
weightless like a careening dove
you were the one, you were beloved.

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