• We Are Who We Are

    We Are Who We Are

    "now i see that there is nothing. there is nothing. nowhere."

    "now i belong to him forever."

  • Leprechaun 4: In Space

    Leprechaun 4: In Space

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    one star for zarina - evil alien princess - only. the rest was a hot mess dumpster fire, and that's putting it nicely. i couldn't tell you a single solitary thing that happened in this movie. literally not one single event registered in my mind, not one plot point stuck with me. idk what's killing my last remaining brain cell faster, quarantine or this franchise. it remains to be seen.

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  • Jennifer's Body

    Jennifer's Body


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    alphabet challenge // (5/130)

    can't believe i went 25 years without seeing this masterpiece.. glad that's been rectified. can't wait to rewatch megan fox set her tongue on fire for the rest of my life 👅🔥😍

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  • 10 Things I Hate About You

    10 Things I Hate About You


    who would i die for more in this movie: heath ledger or julia stiles? unclear at this time

  • We Are Who We Are

    We Are Who We Are

    "a life far from home is full of emptiness. i'm sure you can feel it at times, that sense of emptiness."

    "this is not what i had in mind for you."
    "surprise, i exist outside of your mind."

    "and all i wanted was never to have a home again."

  • The Evil Dead

    The Evil Dead


    those dead sure were evil

  • Rebecca



    "but this morning i woke up and left the dead behind."

    "i know that i have made the right decision.. to save the one thing worth walking through flames for: love."

    i mean, don't get me wrong.. i know it's no hitchcock, but this movie isn't that bad, like everyone is making it out to be. it has its flaws, of course; not creepy enough (often it's very bright and airy, and not in a midsommar-y kind of way), there's…

  • Millennium Mambo

    Millennium Mambo


    spitting rocks, spitting gravel. we're on a train that does not travel. we're stagnant, but we dabble. you beat, you pummel; i bruise, i grapple. in my dreams, your voice, it crackles. i hear you in the shadows. static broken shackles, icicle lava castles. i can't escape the sound of you, birdcage blues, heart of sharpened shrapnel. metal knives of rain. they trickle down, droplets found, puddles of pooling pain. to you it's all a game, you rifle through my…

  • The Hunger

    The Hunger


    "in the eternal darkness we will see and hear and feel."

    an imaginative, decaying lynchian morbidity, drenched in shadows and eroticism. an aesthetically pleasing mood piece; cold, dreary and cataclysmic. in part it evokes a feeling of cutting sadness, and in part it ponders on the eternal questions of life. what does it all mean? why are we here? how long do we have before it's over? or does it ever end? shall we surrender to the coffin, to the…

  • Amityville Island

    Amityville Island


    we watch them so you don't have to: lowest rated quest

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    this film was literally sickening on every level. it had triggering content, the most garbage dumpster fire burning poo emoji script ever written, and the worst "shark" simulation sims pets neopets bullshit ever put to screen. like the shark was LITERALLY a graphic from windows movie maker. the acting makes the room look like a masterpiece, the special effects make flubber look like…

  • Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

    Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker


    "i see through the cracks in your mask. you're haunted."

    kylo :( that hurted me to my core

  • Idle Hands

    Idle Hands


    "there's evil out there and i'm gonna kick its ass!"

    i too, might've turned down heaven for jessica alba

    devon sawa would've been everything to me had i known about him during my jesse mccartney crush phase