The Worst Person in the World

The Worst Person in the World ★★★★

last logged movie of 2021! what a year

this was the year i decided to start really getting into movies and i don’t think i regretted a single second i spent watching them. well, maybe except for the shitty netflix originals and stuff that i hate watched lol. but really, they’ve been here for me at some of my loneliest times, and i’m so grateful for this art form. apparently i ended up watching 567 (feature length) movies this year?? that’s fucking insane… maybe i need to get a life :/

there are a lot of scary (but exciting) new changes coming my way in 2022. the thought of the future and adulthood terrifies me more than anything, so this was a really nice and touching note to end the year on. made me think that maybe everything might end up being alright. so well made and performed. always great to be reminded of why i love movies so much.

happy new year to you all ♡ thank you for joining me in my journey of discovering films. very few things feel better than sharing the love for them :)

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