Jojo Rabbit

Jojo Rabbit ★★½

Did most things pretty well, but not much stood out.
I guess I really just didn't understand the angle or the purpose of the satire. I assumed, based on the premise, that the satire would aim to highlight the inherent childeshness and absurdity of fascism, but whatever commentary on fascism there was, it never went very far beyond the surface. Normally the depth of political commentary isn't my priority in enjoying a film, but when making a satire about Nazis, the messaging is especially important. We got the obvious "Hey kid, Jews are actually human beings just like you" commentary, but we never got any insight into how fascist ideology is created and why it's wrong beyond that point.
The film on a technical level was nice enough, with an appealing aesthetic, but nothing felt special. None of the cinematography did much to impress, and there were a few moments of editing that were head scratchers. I'm really not sure what is the deal with all of the award nominations this one got... I love me some Scar Jo as much as anybody (and she ROCKS that haircut), but did she really need to be nominated for this performance? Not that she was bad- she had very little screentime, and the accent was silly.
The movie was mostly enjoyable but ultimately forgettable, offering no impact or insight.

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