Roald Dahl's The Witches

Roald Dahl's The Witches ★½

Honestly this made me miss the movie theater experience more than any other streaming release this year because I could SO VIVIDLY imagine seeing this alone on a sunday afternoon at the local regal movie theater for no reason other than just to see it and sitting in a completely empty theater along with one other group of people consisting of a frazzled mother and her very young child and then being on my phone the whole time and walking out and logging on letterboxd just to let the world know that I sat through this and then go to my car and just sit there for a bit and maybe like cry because I just spent upwards of 2 hours watching this and spending money on it when I have 5 big assignments due tomorrow that I couldve spent all that time working on and I don’t have a job or any kind of income and everyone around me is excelling and succeeding at everything they set out to do while im just here spending time and money on kids movies that I never even wanted to see to begin with but for some reason feel i must. You know?

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