i hear a movie is extremely disturbing i add it to my watchlist. women covered in blood? my favorite movie genre / credit @rivaeri_

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    Do you ever think about your wife as a predator?

    i loved the metalanguage in antiviral, the obsession with fame and the people around it and the exuberant consumption of exesive news and the search for the attention of these people. well, at least this is one of the interpretations of the film, brandon again with this flick came to show that he is not just david cronenberg's son. in the same way that he addresses the carnal desire and…

  • Suspiria


    Filled with a hoarse breath from her sick mother inside of her head and her beliefs, Suzie knows her destiny. it is predestined and she accepts it because she knows who she really is. to have the notion that her birth was a disgrace to her family and her own mother calls her a sin is something more than disturbing and through it we feel how dense and sad this narrative really is. the presence of the characters is so…

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