Pink Skies Ahead

Pink Skies Ahead ★★★★★

god, why do mushrooms make you think about yourself so much?
there are so many quotes in this movie that i could use to put here but let's keep the first sentence funny. tw/ anxiety ... really weird to say that i found my new comfort movie and one of the scenes made me cry for 2 hours, so yeah, the panic attack part ... that was wild deep down in my core! for someone who had that exact same experience for almost 12 hours and had to rush to the hospital to get meds to breathe and sleep, girl, i feel you. well, what a moment that i choose to watch this movie, currently isolating myself because im a selfish and dumb person and i just had no idea this movie would have this turn it took, i knew it was about mental health but oh boy ...
completely overwhelmed by how much i related to jessica's character, over sharing girl who tells people shes ok all the time when in reality shes just about to snap at any moment. just a great example on how show an anxiety disorder in a motion picture without exploiting the subject, because we all know that tv show or person that think its not that big of a deal.