John Wick

John Wick ★★★½

Film Club Secret Cinema Round #13

I admit that these types of movies big blockbuster-y action movies are not usually my thing so I was a wee bit surprised when this was recommended to me but apparently I like “crime thrillers with hot dudes” and let me tell you... this sure is a crime thriller :) and Keanu Reeves sure is a hot dude :) AND SO IS WILLEM DAFOE WHO I DID NOT KNOW WAS IN THIS UNTIL HE SHOWED UP so it was more or less exactly what I expected it to be! Which was pretty cool and a lot of fun. Not exactly something deep or life changing but not every movie has to be... sometimes movies can just be about Keanu Reeves doing cool things while cool music plays... and also Willem Dafoe getting beat up is hot -_-

Obviously this isn’t a perfect movie but it suffers way more from not being my cup of tea then it does from a lot of actual flaws like... for somebody who likes movies like this it’s more or less the perfect thing. The one real issue I have is some of the colour grading like some scenes feel way more blue then they should be... but also a lot of the scenes are really cool looking as well like the night club scene and a lot of the cinematography is pretty slick as well. Cities at night just look inherently cool. 

And the ending :) good for him

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