Short Cuts ★★★★★

Sometimes, very often, in fact, I think about how every person is a character in their own story, and how they’re also characters in the stories of other people as well. People you see talking to each other on the bus - who are they? Who are you to them? Who are they to each other?

Anyways, this is a brilliant movie. If it at any point feels incoherent, that’s because it’s just as incoherent as what it portrays: real life. It’s a chaotic movie, but it’s also an incredibly simple movie at its core: It’s about human beings and how their lives intersect in different ways. Robert Altman captures that perfectly with this vibrant ensemble cast of fantastic performers who all fill a specific role in each other’s lives. This is a movie that you can just get lost in: Even clocking in at nearly three and a half hours long, you never really want it to end because you’re just so drawn into these lives.

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