Paris, Texas

Paris, Texas ★★★★

Theres a video on YouTube of Sam Mendes telling Wim Wenders how important this movie was to him because it provided a European view of America. Outside of the huge billboard advertisements, the relentless travel by foot or car, and the stain of mistakes on our past, families are the heart of America. Robby Müller provides a vision that makes America look a little off, like it has areas where it's hiding something, with the way he plays with the greens and the reds.

The childlike innocence that pervades every facet of this movie felt like it held the narrative back this time. The melancholy, nostalgia, and dread of living without the person you love is a very adult feeling. Even though the ethics of Travis' decision are presented as both a source of hope and criticism, he only ever sees it as hope. But he does realize his past mistakes. I don't know...

Nastassja Kinski is perfect.