Magnolia ★★★½

Magnolia is an extremely ambitious and long movie. The opening montage was great! We are led to believe that in the end, all the characters and their stories would link up. Although some do, many don't. I don't find that to be a bad thing. However, I have a bigger and more important problem-I spent 3 hours with these characters and I got no payoff, there was no great conclusion. You can say that I didn't get the movie, that it is not supposed to conclude the way you think it is, but I would like it to. I simply love movies that have a satisfying conclusion.

Now lets go to the good things. The acting in this film is incredible. All the performances are top-notch. The performance I liked the most was the one by John C. Reilly. One of his very best! His story was my favorite too. That is the high point of this movie for me. The cinematography and camerawork were great too. And some of the songs were pretty good. I think this will be better on a second viewing.

Although I consider this to be one of Paul Thomas Anderson's weaker films, it's still a pretty good movie. I seem to be in the minority, most people adore this movie, and I recommend you see it.

Roger Ebert 4/4

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