Wild at Heart

Wild at Heart ★★★★

Lynch's a sick fuck. That's why I love him. And This is one of my favorites.

The winner of the Palme d'Or is an engaging film, has the rhythm and the elemtns of a road movie, but still the SURREALISTIC trace of the director which here is relieved by a characteristic dark comedy.

The analogies with "The Wizard of Oz" are perfect, as are the elements sought in Elvis Presley and James Dean to romanticize the characters' rebelliousness, inconsequence and self-destruction - which makes everything very symbolic and metaphorical, but still accessible.

The cinematography, the photograph is supersaturated, which highlights the vibrant colors of the palettes. This is because the characters are drawn by the excess: the excess of colors, the excess of freedom, of sex, of speed, of violence - harmonizing with the escapism, as in Oz or like in Lula that freaks out when listening to the realities of the radio.

It's Lynch's surrealism that transforms the innocent Oz's yellow brick road into a boiling, dangerous asphalt, or Dorothy's discoveries of self-knowledge in an erotic, violent, and corrupt adventure.

The controversial and spoken final, modified from the original work, to me is harmonious to the rest of the film, in the same way that Lynch transformed it in a very original way with its touch: exaggerated, romantic and... delicious.

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