Everything Everywhere All at Once

Everything Everywhere All at Once ★★★★

Intergenerational immigrant trauma, interdimensional chaos, Existentialism, Death & Taxes. Michelle Yeoh is the queen of the movies. Ke Huy Quan is owed a lifetime of film greatness. Stephanie Hsu is the future. Jamie Lee Curtis on a well deserved victory lap. Cinema baby!

This silly-ass movie really won me over, I aint mad. SWISS ARMY MAN was as technically impressive as it was annoying as fuck; this specific frequency modulation of their artistic vibe was more my speed, even though I resisted at first. Movies ain’t dead yet!

For action fans: EVERYTHING EVERYWHERE ALL AT ONCE employs YouTube stars The Martial Club for its terrific action choreography. There’s an awesomely ridiculous sequence that feels like a passing of the torch. I’m sure these guys are proud to trade blows on screen with Tha Goddess