Malignant ★★★★

MALIGNANT was great! Since I dont like/am disinterested in horror, it struck me positively the way CABIN IN THE WOODS did years ago; movie using iconography & beats I am vaguely familiar with as a "casual/normie" in its own interesting fun direction. James Wan killed it again. Someone else here on Letterboxd said something like "MALIGNANT is the best Lifetime Original Horror Movie ever" and lol yeah, pretty much.

Also seen a lot of people say "the first two thirds of MALIGNANT is bad then it gets crazy" but I wonder if its because they're so used to horror tropes? It kept my attention well enough and I never felt lost. Enjoyed the "twist" but it didn't bowl me over like it was out of nowhere. My mind isnt blown out into orbit the way some of the hyperbolic praise for this movie suggests, but it is definitely refreshing to have movies like MALIGNANT and Shyamalan's OLD out here in wide release just reveling in their weirdness with directors supremely confident in their own prowess.

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