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  • Wonder Woman

    Wonder Woman



    Patty Jenkin’s Wonder Woman is, in all manner how DC should be. Everything mixed up in perfect order for a superhero movie. Throughly entertaining with awesome background score and enthralling action sequences. It’s light, fun, thrilling and perfect.

  • Se7en



    why the hell did i give this 3.5, when it was supposed to be 5 in the first place? it’s kinda like jeopardising a piece of art. this is an irreproachably made masterpiece. thrilling at it’s peak. everything so subtly conveyed with a masterly direction and a finesse screenplay. thriller genre has always been my creamy-chocolate. this just felt like, having three cups of it. i can’t really point out an instance, where i was breathing normally watching this. it’s the perfect horror in it’s way.