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  • The Best of Youth
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  • C'mon C'mon

    C'mon C'mon


    Movie #3273: C’mon C’mon

    Wowowowowowowowowowow. Possibly the most human movie of the year.

    This year has been a pretty meh year for movies. For the most part, all the larger releases are succumbing to the trite formulas and overly fast pacing of modern media, the smaller releases either haven't lived up to expectations or just weren't for me, and very few films have either impressed me or made me feel like "wow, the movies are back." Fortunately, C'mon C'mon just…

  • Drive My Car

    Drive My Car


    Movie #3279: Drive My Car

    Absolutely exquisite, kind of an out of body experience. I have a lot to say.

    For a three hour movie, the director picks in tons of characters, themes and parallels that all make for quite the interwoven tapestry. From themes of grief and forgiveness to those more focused on control and loving relationships, Drive My Car is a fantastically rich story. There’s so much going on from the direction of a play which depicts the…

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  • Bodies Bodies Bodies

    Bodies Bodies Bodies


    Movie #3639: Bodies Bodies Bodies

    Anti-TikTok; fine by me.

    That’s kind of incredible ngl. I can understand the critiques. I'm even here for some of them. I think there are sequences that go on a little too long (scuffles and a particular argument at the climax). Plus I also think there's a certain (even though purposeful) shallowness to the characters we see in the movie that never really allows the audience to develop a emotional connection to them (again I'd…

  • Children of a Lesser God

    Children of a Lesser God


    Movie #3638: Children of a Lesser God

    It's hard not to view this with from the prism of Marlee Matlin's allegations against William Hurt and for that alone it can make the viewing experience, at times, uncomfortable. In terms of their rocky relationship on screen, it does work at depicting how controlling a partner can be. I do enjoy the script and film's complicated dissection of disability however. It redefines it for the hearing population. Much less of a heartwarming…

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  • Nope



    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Movie #3576: Nope

    Incredible, possibly the most foundational Hollywood Blockbuster in decades. My god. DOLBY or IMAX folks.

    The ultimate man vs. nature tale. The unstoppable force of nature, which is evolution, is a terrifying concept, but even more terrifying is the thought of the unknown and how societally adapting to that force of nature is incomprehensible to the human mind. Overwhelming in fact. Nope is an examination of that in a pitch perfect way. Part comedy western, part horror…

  • Spider-Man: No Way Home

    Spider-Man: No Way Home


    Movie #3283: Spider-Man: No Way Home

    I love everything this is, but also hate it just as much. This is a very weird feeling for me. The world is gonna love it. Me? I’m lukewarm on the whole thing. And I’m someone who actually likes the MCU/superhero movies, It’s very hard to get into without spoilers...

    Contrary to popular belief, I actually think the first half is better than the latter. It’s a frankenstein of a movie that has so…