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  • The Go-Between

    The Go-Between

    great that losey and pinter were able to show the english upper classes as they were then, and still are today, as bloodless, aimless, feckless, venal, evil, philistine, lazy, inbred, amoral, vindictive, sinister, sociopathic, acquisitive, tasteless, cruel, selfish, weak, pious, bullying, idiotic, brainless, stupid, fatuous, tedious, sanctimonious, hectoring, bloviating, miserable, bitter, depraved, perverted, grotesque, repulsive avaricious, racist, bigoted, misogynist, homophobic, affectless, duplicitous, lying, cheating, canting, stealing, sour-faced, insincere, feculent, alcoholic, ignorant, verminous, grasping, smug, wanton, crooked pieces of shit

  • A Length of Time

    A Length of Time

    Instead of writing a review of this film, I'll just note that Anne Rees-Mogg, the director, is Jacob Rees-Mogg aunt, which I guess would make Anthony Bruegger, the subject of the film, Jacob's cousin. There is a resemblance between the young Bruegger and his cousin, they look and sound like each other. Most of the film focuses on Bruegger talking about his experiences with stock car racing, and I've transcribed how he narrates his recollections of his first race:


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  • Hereditary


    no way he would’ve taken his sister to that party

  • The Touch

    The Touch

    i liked the way elliot gould said “bourgeois”