A Nightmare on Elm Street ★★★★

This...is god!” 

While I was getting ready to rewatch Jigsaw again for the 100th time (I am a fan and I will DIE a fan!) cause my friend still hasn’t seen it, I figured I’d go back over one of the most deepest and sincerest cut in the horror genre with Elm Street’s nightmarish resident slayer Freddy Kruger.

I’ve always enjoyed these movies no matter how ridiculous they got cause its dream dynamic is always a cool subplot to fall back on with so much to do even in most elegant imaginative ways. I love the idea of the unconscious mind thrown in kind of an oblivion between space and time in general. Even so with religious and spiritual meanings. But I’m not here to put philosophy behind this cheeseball of a film (I say this with love) but if I was to make a Nightmare movie I’d sure as hell make it so aesthetic! 

Even though this is the original and trust me hearing hushed tones about it back from other kids who snuck and watched it making it even more as a myth that Freddy may linger out in our world ready to kill us kids if we strayed to far from the playground or spoke too much about him. I saw bits while I was 2 or 3 but that was me sneaking up on my parents seeing it. It was Dream Warriors that I was fully introduced to this kid-killer maniac jumping through the dream world. I was 6 at the time and laid back on my channel choice from the majority of my childhood: SyFy. I didn’t find it scary but still my 2nd fav in the series. It was until a year later I saw this one. 

This is a beloved gem in our pop culture and seeing it screened last October at our yearly traditional haunted house maze goes to show the love oozing off this film. I could go on about how much of a classic/legend it is but it’s well known to this.

I still find it enjoyable to this day even though some parts are quite dated now and more or less some scenes are unintentional hilarious. Heather Langenkamp is the defining image of a tough heroine (alongside Jamie Lee ofc) and imo her & Nancy, one of the same, cannot exist without Freddy. I think their chemistry fuels the best of this series. The legend himself Robert Englund compared their dynamic as a “dance” that preserves the good and evil folklore. Much like Samuel Loomis and Michael Myers. I find it hard to watch a Nightmare film without Heather even if Robert is flat-out amazing. It feels one-noted. 

I like this one but I just don’t think it’s the best in the series. I appreciate Wes’s efforts on all fronts cause fantastic job to what he had to pull off while filming. The pacing is a slug going uphill, some characters are richly dumb, some effects are fake as fuck. But in a weird way it adds to the charm to this odd surburan town with the infamous street that is strangely in every town in America.

yes an Elm Street is right down the road in town and was greatly avoided by all kids back in the day.

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