After Hours

After Hours ★★★★½

I watched the whole world go up in flames
and when it was all over I said to myself 
is that all there is to a fire

Was in da mood for some Scorsese after spending the majority of the day at my friends family Easter gathering, it was fun but I just don’t like being around people here lately but it was a good time.

Getting back home, slithering in my pjs and popping in this underrated gem help me settle back in my mancave away from people and problems.

I haven’t had a good laugh in the last month until watching Paul get caught up in these oddball situations that are purely coincidentally against him once the clock goes past midnight. I enjoyed the black comedy with the colorful characters and the pinning questionable doubt that follow in the course of this weird night.

I did however found the ending to be tacked on with no explanation. Scorsese had trouble ending it even bringing in De Palma and Spielberg in for advice. It shows heavily with the “full circle” ending. The camera tricks he used throughout as a satire on Hitchcock’s work was so hilarious. It really calmed my mood down and it sucks that this is his most overlooked film in his filmography. If you have just a meh day or looking to spice up the night be sure to tune in to this, it’ll make the mood worthwhile.

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