Drive ★★★★★

Though emotionally complex
against the grain of dystopic claims
of stop thoughts your actions entertain
and you have proved to be
a real human being
and a real hero

beautiful. goddamned perfection. I’ve seen a lot of films (so many) but none have left the lasting impression like this one has. I was 17 when I saw this and I was just mesmerized by everything about it including its soothing soundtrack. I don’t see the point in re-logging films but I couldn’t help the kinetic energy this film gives me after it ends. Like looking back to that first viewing and now. I was hypnotized by its delicate atmospheric reverberations and snared when it showed it’s brutal side baring its teeth behind the sincere facade. 

the film is the driver as the driver is the film. I really like that character. Most people don’t really consider him three dimensional but they fail to see his emotions play out in the score or the lighting in the scenes or the crafted directed car stunts he pulls. we are experiencing all his senses in a more ornamental flourishing. the calm before the storm.

I don’t know what but it eases me. making me look deep inside myself from its projected soft aggressive moments. realization? acceptance? frustration? it just open my emotions more or some I didn’t know I had. blah blah blah all this bullshit but it’s really how this movie makes me feel. like I want more then what I perceive myself as and I want to be more than how I see other people. I wish the soundtrack to my life would switch on with Electric Youth playing but atlas the voices in my head sing it for me. 

i come from humble beginnings and portray my feelings as a backseat kind of thing cause everyone has to wade through their own problems. I was a very ignorant guy but like in person back then. I’d lead myself astray or get led on, try to bend backwards for people that’s not around anymore BUT I’ve became a more insightful person after these manifested feelings gets unearthed after watching this gem from the heavens. mixing with others and putting me in zen mode I guess. I just try to be real while not being weird if that makes sense. You know I’ve been more real on this site then any other media, obviously cause I bond with movies more then actual human beings (which is prob norm to say nowadays) actually helps cool down the venting progress and I really don’t want to start talking to myself haha. But I found it fitting for this to be my temporary last review for awhile. kind of like a poetic cliffhanger or something. who knows I might never come back here but it was an experience with my life. I think it’s a full 2 years since I been here and pretty much in that timeline I’ve closed the book on most things. To let go and move on you have to make sacrifices. If I found this 5 years earlier jeez I’d be reviewing every day but just like I’ve sprinkled in a few reviews before, I just don’t feel that way anymore. 

ugh I really tried you know. With everything. but that’s all anyone can do right. you eventually have to move on.

watching this for the infinite time, it speaks to me, tells me the real person I am or how I should be. Distant and away. That’s the last adult chapter signed in bold ink. Well in my book anyways. fuck i feel so vulnerable after and I hate it but it’s reassuring cause I know I still have that innocent kid in me from so long ago reminding me of the man I wanted to be or the man some other kid could look up to. dammit so emotional but ya know NWR can do that shit. Feels good to be your own hero and not try to fit into the crowd (I’d stick out anyway cuz fuck’em). makes me smile, at the end you know and that’s all that matters. The world missed out, not you. now go break a leg kid, the road is yours so let that wind flow through your hair and drift into the sunset skies...with your true self intact by yourself or not...the passenger is your choice. 

my choice obviously would be carey cause that angelic attitude and tender smile ugh I’m already melting 

All safe and all rescued

from the slowly sinking ship

water warmer than his head so cool

in that tight bind knew what to do

and, you have proved to be

a real human being

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