Rumble Fish ★★★★½

"If you're going to lead people, you have to have somewhere to go."

Even though I was marveled at his performances in Sin City and Angel Heart, this is my favorite from Mickey Rourke as he shows a wise passive young man returning to the life he was worshiped in to see he led his brother down the wrong path. Sure Matt Dillon is the main focus here for general audience but we see the movie black and white through Rourke's character who is color blind which samples as to how he visions the life he left behind. 

I thought it was cool Coppola shot this back-to-back with The Outsiders; both written by S.E. Hinton and carrying powerful messages to coming of age stories. That life is more when you finally stop reflecting on yourself and move on. Like the rumble fish who are even aggressive towards their own reflection as Rourke's character examples in the movie. 

Don't try to live up to anything, live for yourself and carve your own path. Learn to live before teaching others how too. This movie is powerful with this message and put together just right with young angst, trippy cinematography, brother love and the power to become ones self. 

Living to impress others will result with you carrying what they think and squandering your own existence. Don't be blinded by your surroundings, rise up! 

...and swim to the ocean

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