Solo: A Star Wars Story ★★★½

it is a lawless time

so out of most of the new films disney is churning out. i enjoyed this one the most cause i didn’t have any high hopes for it. and yes i guess i’m doing these movies in timeline order. aside from out-of-place opening text, horrible solo name backstory and some generic story beats this one is a lot of fun to watch still. the humor especially is so much better on here instead of the cringe-y shit from the sequel trilogy. it adds a lot of flavor to the other films layering out more then the death star or the empire being forced in. a lawless heist breath of fresh air. 

i love seeing emilia and love the fateful meeting of han & chewie. in many ways it remembers its fans and delivers the emotional baggage we’ve came to collect across this long galaxy from the original trilogy.

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