Spider-Man: Far From Home

Spider-Man: Far From Home ★★★½

im your friendly neighborhood spider-man

ok so essentially I was done with marvel films after Endgame cause obviously there was nothing much that can top that, it was the movie of the century! my family connection with the movies and the slow fizzle of the comic book movies scene make everything after irreverent. But apparently this the last film in phase three??? More on that in a sec. I didn’t want to see this, nothing personal but I in mind was done with comic book movies in general but this being the only movie that comes out next to my birthday and my brother really loves spider-man so I put my pride aside and felt compelled to watch it as a gift to myself.

For the most part it’s enjoyable, the action better than ever and the chemistry between actors just work on character depth levels. Tom Holland is just so much fun to watch, I think in persona he carries the Peter Parker traits second nature and he’s just so relatable you can not help but like him. Zendaya is also down-to-earth and more of a presence for future love interests in any film. All in all it’s a good spidey film that gives the love that Homecoming had...but in hindsight it doesn’t capture the essence of being its own movie sadly.

ok here are my problems, this felt more like an introduction to phase four than the end of phase three like srsy Endgame is the definitive end to that phase and makes more sense! I mean end is in the title so yeah. Another thing is WE GET IT, iron man was a big influence to Peter but do we have to have this title character in his shadow throughout his own film? I get they were close, I do. But they’ve only been in like what 4 films together with maybe 40mins or less between them both which I don’t think makes them an ideal father&son dynamic it’s just cringey. The fan arts of them is even more cringer so ugh. I understand their relationship but it’s blown way out of proportion and feels forced for the fan base. Moving on, I’ve been waiting for Mysterio to be in these films for years! He was my favorite villain in the animated series so you can understand my excitement when he was in the trailer. Gyllenhaal was a more than capable actor for the part but I don’t think it required his extensive talents. They just...mhmm there is a lot of suspending of disbelief for this character to contribute to the plot sadly. He drags the film down for me because his mishandling and compared to other spidey villains, just doesn’t stick the landing. Even to where the ending just came off as meh. It was very predictable and felt light on material. 

Ok that being said, it’s still a fun time but in my thoughts doesn’t really bode well for future mcu films as the magic felt used up from the epic Endgame finale. Granted it feels very empty without Downey’s presence and I think the film mentioning him every time they get, weighs it down a heavy burden. I’m still sticking to my rule for comic book movies in general and may just watch the rest on home video in the future.

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