Upgrade ★★★★½


Leigh I can’t believe how far you’ve come. 12 years ago I was watching the features on Saw about these two australians striving to make it big and wanting to add depth in both horror and action movies. Their passion is what fueled my love for movies more. So I’m very proud to say that he has made probably my favorite sci-fi film of the year so far. No labels, no drama social commentary, no soft nudge on today’s politics or religion...it’s just a simple original movie that you can sit down and get away from the bullshit of the world.

A fierce, unforgiving, balls out story well-written with a relatable main character who isn’t drench in cliches but is just along the ride as you are. I’m glad Logan is getting more lead roles, the dude has a everyman personality and shows he’s more than a Tom Hardy comparison. His lines with Stem and the general wit of the film shows it has brains to back up its amazingly fluid camera work and expert choreography. The merging of gritty themes and neon visuals meshes well making its own beauty in a brutal world. The dark humor adds layers and spice to the well soaked depressed atmosphere. The more it progresses the more it evolves with the character until the fatal end. 

I doubted Leigh after Insidious 3 cause of his mocking direction of Wan. I thought he was more of a writer than visionary...that’s a mistake I’ll never make again and I shame myself for even considering that. I’m very onboard with what this elaborate storyteller will deliver me next.

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