A Visitor to a Museum

A Visitor to a Museum ★★★★½

Red Fire.

Orange Lights.

Yellow Fog.

Every corner, every area, amid the ruins destroyed by the waves of time are swept with overcast shadows. Not just overcast, they devour, shadows and dark warm colours fill the screen. The future was never a place of safety. The future was never a landfill. The future is where the souls of the young and old are dammed. Tortured, anguished, they scream. The future was never a safe haven but hell, those who were born suffer eternal damnation. The nightmare in which you could never wake up from.

This is a future of no hope.

In turbulent times. At humanities darkest. What did we do? We wished for God. We wished for the Angels to come to our aid. We wished for anything of the divine to come to our rescue and swoop us away from hellfire. Maybe you could question where did the angels go? Or perhaps you pray, you continue to pray for a saviour, your soul screeching for solace, asking for someone, anyone to, “Get you out!” Maybe someone heard. Maybe no one heard. Was there any point if you end up in the cyclical concept of a godless or divine world?

There are the religious and then there are the adamant non believers in anything. It’s a war. A war that spanned across centuries, maybe decades. We threw our swords at one another. We burnt each other at the stale. We have beaten each other up. In hindsight, what was the purpose of arguing if we are all resigned to one fate of agony despair in the unforgiving seas of where nightmares rise. The argument has always been pointless. Maybe if we just took the time to understand one another, accept each other for who we are, maybe interacting with someone who’s potentially an alien may seem scary yes, but at least while we will never fully stray away from violence and death, we can all become a little kinder.

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