Spider-Man 2

Spider-Man 2 ★★★★½

There’s a huge difference between being a hero and heroism and not many superhero movies see the difference.

Sure those two ideas are almost one in the same but what’s the point of being a hero if you lose all your motivation to be one. Helping people for the sake of helping people isn’t heroism but rather a deception instead. True heroism comes from being earnest and only by being earnest can you achieve greater heights as a hero.

The reason why Peter Parker has lost sight to being a hero in the first place was because in a way he was still in a state of immaturity. You see, Parker not once understood himself, he didn’t understand the purpose of doing good properly and was so caught up in many external affairs he suffered a mental collapse. A mental collapse while superficially brought about by Mary Jane and his loss of powers, on a deeper level is his conflicting ideals of being hero and being Peter Parker. 

That’s why he must embark on a personal journey of self discovery. He needs to sort out his personal life. Of trying to be more studious and dedicated and to make amends. For the form of spiritual solace to remedy his spiritual agony lies in the idea of reconciliation. It’s only after he relearns the motives of wanting to be Spiderman that strikes his heart only then was he able to stand up from the debris. The mask that was once seen as an escapade to a hyperbolic reality of comic book sensibilities merges with himself and he becomes whole again. 

Being a hero, to Peter Parker has now changed. He has found the strength of being a hero by taking responsibility and learning to be earnest. He found the strength by acknowledging he’s nothing more than himself. He has found the strength by realising that his identity of his ego and himself is the same. By putting his heart. By putting his soul was he able to swing to greater heights with that high inertia I crave in superhero movies. For I craved the day when I would understand that perhaps there was good in this world arrived and I too learnt it.

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