Captain Marvel ★★★★★

I’ve been so tired and anxious and in my head lately. Didn't realize how much I needed a heartfelt adventure, cosmic escapades, and a hero like Carol "Avenger" Danvers to inspire me. 

Now if she inspires me this much, think about how inspiring she must be for a young, wide-eyed, less jaded girl.

So far, I haven’t seen one reasonable complaint, which is great cause it makes the crabby old commentators look as ridiculous and desperate as they are.

The type of dude most likely to call this generic is probably the most generic dude you’ll ever meet.

It seems like there’s a certain brand of Straight White Male™ rage that follows Carol Danvers around and I’m sure that’s just because the only characters these manchildren can relate to are nothing compared to Carol. They get the characters they usually relegate to women.

The only women these nerds wanna see are those exploited and commodified.

Half the criticisms I see, the reasons people don’t like this movie or this character are the same reasons these people will praise other movies.

I don’t get my rocks off being a cynical, elitist, sexist douche and if you don’t either, you’ll probably have a good time.

If you prefer feminist, inclusive undertones instead of misogynistic ones, you’ll prefer this movie to a lot of other installments in the franchise.

Boys. Little, fragile boys are just mad because the playground that usually catered to them is starting to invite girls.

The kind of boys to whine about these powerful women are probably the kind of boys who used to put signs on their forts, saying “No Girls Allowed”, before showing each other their dicks.

Quote from Nerdwriter1 on Youtube,
“Next time you feel annoyed at a feminist or SJW... ask yourself if you’re actually annoyed or threatened. And if it’s the latter, ask yourself what you’re in danger of losing.”

In case you can’t tell, I LOVED this movie. IN MY OPINION, it strikes a perfect balance between Science Mumbo Jumbo, momentous action, 90’s nostalgia, and tender moments with Carol.

Anyone who blasts Brie Larson for her “wooden” or “bland” portrayal of this character wouldn’t know subtlety if it sat on their face.

The soundtrack is marvelous. Sam Jackson is marvelous. Ben Mendelsohn is marvelous. Brie Larson is marvelous. Goose is marvelous. Everything is marvelous. Not a minute I didn’t adore.

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