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This review may contain spoilers.

You can choose. That's why you don't understand me.

I can't stop thinking about Héloïse suggesting that it was Eurydice who said, "Turn around."

Maybe Eurydice accepted that she now belonged in a different world than Orpheus and that she could not go back to a world that was no longer her own. She didn't make the lover's choice nor the poet's, she did the only thing she could - she made *a* choice in a world that often gave her none.

She spoke. Turn around. See me. Look at me one last time before we are condemned to our separate worlds. Worlds that cannot be changed. Fates that cannot be rewritten.

She commanded Orpheus to look at her and, by doing so, asks him to recognize that they will stay in their separate worlds with only the memory of the brief time in which their love existed in truth, together.

There is no anger in that moment, there is only a goodbye. His sole fault was loving her.

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